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I have installed a new closemaid shelf in my bedroom closet. the hardware is attached to the wall. I drilled a hole into the stud as instruted and place the plastic hardware into the hole in the stud. Then hammered a nail that came with the instruction into the plastic piece. However, the closet keeps falling down. What do I need to do to keep the closet up. note: This is an old house and the stud was very hard to drill into, the drill started to smoke and I had to stop several times and put pressure behind the drill to make a hole deep enough to hold the plastic insert. What do I do, the rack contiues to fall down. Thanks
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hi, are all the studs are hard to drill into? are you sure you are indeed drill into a stud. i'm not familiar with this shelf, but a shelf is a shelf. my thoughts are, 1, reread the instructions carefully, are you sure you need to put the plastic thing in the hole? maybe not. get new drill bits, a small one to start the hole & one the right size for the nail, post back when you try this.
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I strongly suggest that you visit the ClosetMaid website and click on the INSTALL icon and read their instructions or view their animantions.

It sounds to me that one of two things (or both) are happening; 1) the hole you drilled is too large in diameter - which prevents the wall anchors from holding, or 2) you're using the 'hollow wall anchors' provided in a stud - that won't work (properly). Use screws in studs, and those hollow wall anchors where there are none.
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I wonder what you drilled into. Did wood chips come out of the hole as you drilled? Old wood can be very hard to drill into. Sometimes nearly impossible. You do not need a hollow wall anchor and a nail. Use a hollow wall anchor with a screw, or drive a nail (or even better a long enough screw) into the stud.
But make sure you are in a wood stud.

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