Screws won't sink in below surface


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Screws won't sink in below surface

I'm installing 1/4" underlayment in my bathroom. The book I have shows to screw the sheets down, and screw the screws in until they're just below the surface (so I can level it and have a smooth surface for my new flooring).

The problem is that the screws will screw TO the surface, but then they just spin in place. I can't get them to go in tight enough to pull the heads below the surface of the underlayment. I'm using 2 1/2" screws... I was using shorter screws, and thought the longer would do the trick. I was wrong about that.

A guy at the hardware store said to locate the joists and screw into those, but I need to put screws every 6" around the edge of each sheet and across the area of the underlayment every 8"... I doubt the joists will help me with those spots.
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Are these full-thread screws or do they have a smooth shank just below the head?
Full thread screws should pull underlayment tightly down to the subflooring and sink the head.
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Yes, they have a smooth shank just below the heads... the smaller screws did not, which is why the guy are the hardware store told me to try the 2 1/2" screws. Any other ideas?
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Use a countersink bit?
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It took me a while to find a countersink bit, but that worked perfectly. Thank you!
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A little bar hand soap helps them go in to.
I use a combination tapered drill and countersink. It predrills the hole, allows more screw thread contact, and countersinks the hole.
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If the underlayment is Masonite, I doubt any screw will pull itself flush.

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