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Question another shelf hanging question

I am posting separetly from thread below as I tagged onto that one and unsure if ppl will respond.

I have a large shelf that I would like to affix to a wall. It is 48" long and has keyholes bored into the supports. By itself, the shelf weighs just under 10lbs and is made of light wood (pine or balsam). I plan to use it to showcase collectible figurines, frames and trophies. I would like to center this shelf over a nice oak bureau that is 36", but to center on wall, I will miss the studs. I would rather not damage the wall should I decide to move this at a later point in time.

My questions:

* should I use the keyholes to support the shelf? soft wood and I don't want the weight to splinter/break and fall.
* should I affix sawtooth hangers? the sawtooth hangers affix with tiny nails - will this be strong enough? again, falling/breaking concerns.
* won't screws or molly-bolts permanently damage the wall?

When I hang small lightweight picture frames I use sawtooth hangers on the frame and a wire nail driven down at a 45 degree angle. If the photo is large/heavy I use a picture hanger (45 degree nail with metal to catch the wire or saw tooth hanger.

I await your comments/suggestions as I would like to FINALLY cross this project off my "to-do" list. Thank you.
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Without seeing them, I think the keyholes would be stronger than the sawtooth hangars(no bending). If you did use sawtooth hangars, I would definitely use screws instead of nails to attach them. I have also seen shelves with metal keyhole plates attached to the wood for reinforcement-not sure if these are readily available.

Wall damage is inevitable with the larger anchors but that is better than the shelf falling with all your good stuff on the floor. A few coats of spackle and touching up with paint will take care of the holes if you decide to move it.

Good luck.

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