can't unscrew something!


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Lightbulb can't unscrew something!

Didn't know where to ask this, since it doesn't involve a tool, per se.
I received a fountain pen from a relative, and in order to replace the ink (it's 100% functioning-(big deal I guess! it's no surprise, considering the lack of moving parts)) you unscrew the top of it. If you can! i can't-and I'm leery aout what to do.
It's gold and lacquer, and clamping it down and slapping wd-40 all over it seems like it may not be the way to go.
there's no visible rust, so I don't know why it doesn't unscrew (btw-I have seen it unscrewed, so I do know it can be!).
Also-if this is completely NOT where to ask, can someone re-direct me?
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Im sorry I dont know where would be best to put this post.
You say you have seen it apart. Well like metal parts could you put the top part that should unscrew in hot water till its hot take it out and see if you cant get it to unscrew then .?????

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hi Ed-
thx for the reply-and here goes!

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