Solid brass question


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Solid brass question

Hello, I am looking to get many brand new solid brass (polished) hardware pieces for my doors etc and many of which will be located outside. I have read of solid brass that is actually tarnish free and was wondering if there was a way that I could find out if the solid brass hardware pieces that I am buying have this caracteristic about it. Should it say on the package. Most packages that I look at don't even say whether or not they have a lacquer coating on it or whether they have another protective finish for the solid brass. They all just basically say solid brass on it. So how do I know what type of protection the brass has. Thanks for the help. Surely do appreciate it alot.
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If the package says it's brass and does not mention anything about tarnish protection than I would assume there is no protection. Door lock companies have gone to great lengths to develop a tarnish free brass and proudly put that fact on their packaging.

These days a large portion of general hardware comes from Asia with large differences in metal and casting quality, sometimes producing some interesting tarnish patterns. Think of it as your little science experiment.

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