glass door knobs


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glass door knobs


I have the old glass door knobs throughout my old house, and I think they are pretty warn. I really don't want to have to replace them, but we keep getting stuck in rooms. The worst problem is that the set screws seem to not be "set" any more and they slip in a short amount of time after I tighten them. In some, the glass knob itself seems to be actually slipping as well in the metal casing.

Is there any way for me to repair these knobs, or is there somewhere I can bring them to have them repaired? Or am I just at the point that I need to replace them with new door knobs?
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Old glass door knobs and locksets are popular items at my ornamental and architectural salvage yard .... and so are questions about them. I'm sure other forum members will offer good or better advice; but from my experiences the set screw problem you have can be fixed by either changing the set screw to one that has a pointed or serrated face that will better engage the shaft, or by using one of the thread locking compounds or tapes. Set screws can be found at better hardware stores or obtained from fastener suppliers, and the thread locking compound or tape at any hardware or automotive supply. As for keeping the glass knobs tight I'll suggest using a small amount of clear two-part epoxy; carefully mixed and very neatly applied ... perhaps with a toothpick or with a fine tipped disposable gluing siringe. Remember that these are old metals that will react ... expand and contract ... to thermal conditions; and were made in an era that did not have knowledge as to how to produce materials that resisted expansion, wear and tear, rust or corrosion ... so your 'fixes' may not last much more than a few months or years, depending on usage. ALSO: there are new replications available .... made of plastic and/or glass ... that can be found at better locksmithing shops and online. Some lockshops have a supply of better used glass knobs and parts; but of course I'll also suggest visiting your local salavge yard ... it's usually feast or famine; none in stock or a hundred getting dusty ... but it's always a fun visit and you might get lucky. If you go and get lucky .... get one or two spares!
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Thank you so much for your suggestions. I tried the screw compound and two part epoxy about a month ago, and so far so good!!!
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I have used thin CA glue to keep the glass knob from slipping in the metal ferrule. I just run a few drops at the join and give it a spritz of accellerant.

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