Remove headless screws from door frame


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Arrow Remove headless screws from door frame

Yes this sounds like an appropriate title for the Halloween season.

Well I originally I wanted to replace the hinges of my bathroom door because of the rust. Some of the screws came out by normal means but then because of the rust and such I was left with many stripped screws. I used my GraBit screw remover and got a few more out but the 3 top screw heads in the frame broke off as well as one in the door itself. (Yes the door is off it's hinges.)

Now I have these flush screw bodies in the frame & door and I've been trying to figure out what my next step should be to get them out. I though of getting a needle nose plier/grips to unscrew them but I'm finding it difficult to get a hold of the almost flush screw body. I've carved a little away from the surrounding pressed particle wood, which the door and frame seem to be made from, to make room for me to get a hold of the headless screw, but they're still elusive.

I'd rather not cut out that part of the frame and replace it with new wood because that would ruin the frame. I've also though I finding a drill bit that could "vaporize" the screw itself with sheer power. I'd also though of moving everything up a few inches, but that seems bad. Whatever happens I'm sure I'll need wood putty/glue.

Any other ideas of tools or methods? What have you all done in this situation?

Thanks for the help.
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One way to overcome the problem is to stop messing with those broken screws ... leave them in. Just drill new holes in your hinges.
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Another option is to try a pair of wire cutters, by trying to grip along the vertical axis of the shaft of the screw, rather than using needle nose pliers.
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Post Update

So far I've just bought a drill bit that is small enough to drill within the screw shaft. I put a hole in the screw a little and then use the screw remover reverse threader. I've already broke one screw remover (tip) and am continuing to try. I'd rather not make any extra holes and such until that is the last resort.
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Try these....

These little gems from Woodworker's Supply are just what I think you're looking for. If this link doesn't work, just type screw extractors at their website.

Good luck.

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Arrow Thanks for the helpful info

I'm trying the least invasive\damaging options first and then as they don't work I'm moving on to boring out those screws gluing in a wooden dowel and plugging up the hole.

Will the glued dowel replacement be strong enough to hold the screw\hinge\door? (Esp. when the top hinge has all of them that may be like this?)

Update: (10/19/04)

I had a friend come over and we worked on the screws with his really nice drill and basically found a bit the same size as the screw that was giving me problems and buzzed it away. The holes were small enough to still accept and hold a new screw but I just filled the hole with a glue covered dowel.

Now after I let that cure up over night I installed the new hinges. Now it seems that the hinges don't match up between the door and the frame. Maybe that's why the screw were all put in properly originally. Homeownership is fun.

Thanks for the help.

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