need to hang 20 lb. morror on drywall


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need to hang 20 lb. morror on drywall

I have an antique mirror that weight about 20 lb. I have always had the hook nailed into a stud, but in my new apt, i cannot find a stud. The stud finder I bought is worthless. Everywhere it says there is a stud, a 2" nail sinks right through. My question is, do i really need to find a stud for a 20 lb. mirror? The hook I have is good for 30 lb, but I am not sure if that requires a stud or not. I do not want to have to spend lots of money to hang this mirror.
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It's best to find a stud, use a hammer and softly tap the wall, you will hear where a stud is.The 30 lb hook and wire only tells you that is how much weight it will hold, not what the sheetrock will hold.
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thanks. i decided to not hang the mirror, as i cannnot find a stud along this wall at all. quite disturbing, actually. i even have a 2.5' strip of nail holes one inch apart, where the nail sank through each time. who knows how this apartment was built, but it appears that there is no stud.
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There are a variety of hanging devices made that would allow you to hang this mirror without a stud.Your situation is common and you should not give up.There are picture hangars made that,even without any anchoring device,will hold far more than 20 lbs.In addition there are quite a number of drywall hanging anchors such as plastic anchors,"molly bolts" and others that are all easily installed and used.Many do not require anything more than a screwdriver and/or hammer to use.Go to your near by hardware or home improvement store to see these.It's a simple job with simple solutions.

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