Source for unplated sloted wood screws


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Would anyone know where I could buy unplated sloted wood screws?
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Loosehorse, First, Welcome to the DIY Forums.
Not sure where you are located but my Ace Hardware has any type wood screws you want. Plated, plain and even painted. Should be able to get them at the Big Box stores too. HD, Lowes and Sears. Probably even find them here at the DIY store. Good luck.
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Before full retirement I was employed part-time in counter sales at a relative's (NutAndBoltKing) fastener supply house. Local hardware stores - the few surviving ones that is - were good clients and they always seeking to satisfy their customer's demands for quality products and for the occasional speciality item.

Unplated wood screws, which are very often easily available at better hardware stores, can at times also be very difficult to find - especially in large quanities. Unplated wood screws are sometimes considered specialty items because 1) demand is generally low when compared to other more versitile coated fasteners, 2) because some of them require special attention in storage and transportation (to prevent rust, hydrogen embrittlement, and 3) cost.

The unplated classification also encompasses screws made of many different base materials other than steel; brass, copper, aluminum, stainless, and zinc to name a few. At one time 'color' and 'texture' told a buyer what kind of screw he was buying; steel unplated screws for example had a blue hue, and everyone could identify galvanized a mile away. While there is still some truth to that old method, with todays high tech base materials, hardening processes and coatings it's correct to say that's no longer true.

Assuming you're looking for the standard old blue steel unplated wood screw I have to warn you that the fastener market is being inundated and flooded with imported products that simply do not measure up to a craftsman's expectations and can be dramatically different from what he or she is accustomed to using. Often missing from the fastener shelves of the chain stores is a PDS or Product Data Sheet. A PDS will tell a buyer where the screw was made, it's base materials, coatings if any, strength and hardening processes, suggest max driving RPM and torques, and will provide data and sometimes charts on it's four base strenghths. The big store sales person, when you can find one, knows nothing about these issues. The local hardware guys knows what it is he's selling. My suggestion therefore is to visit that local hardware guy and get quality USA screws.
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best screws I've ever found.....

Try McFeely's:

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