Need Help-hanging Dartboard thru cement


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Question Need Help-hanging Dartboard thru cement

I need some advice. I have 3/4 inch (I assume) sheetrock glued to cement blocks in my basement. I want to hang a dart board with a surrounding case but Im not sure how I should fasten the dartboard through the cement. Should I use a fastener through the cement or will the sheetrock be enough to hold it.
Any help would be much appreciated.
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Are you sure the sheetrock is glued to the cement basement wall?
That would be quite unusual, at least it would be in my neck of the woods
Is the basement underground?
Are you sure there's not thin strips of wood attached to the wall, and the sheetrock attached to the wood?
If not you do have a bit of a problem
The sheetrock alone won't be enough to hold a dartboard and case (for long)
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Hanging dart board

You might find the following link helpful:
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Would be helpful to know what the set-up for hanging is on the board (holes through the wood, hooks, hangers , on top or back mounted).
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Well the nylon driller is what I would recommend, but it will need some space behind it, or thicker sheetrock, to work
Even then it may have to be modified
3/4 inch is not enough for it to grab
If there is a little space behind it that might work

The instructions say just bang it into the wall-don't do this
Drill a pilot hole
If it looks like you have enough room for the nylon, then it'll work

If there is not enough room for the whole anchor-
Stick the nylon in and start the threads, back it out and cut off the non-threaded tip
Start it back in again and snug it to the sheetrock

If your sheetrock is on thick enough furring strips it might be fine

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