AWFUL screws are preventing installation of lock


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AWFUL screws are preventing installation of lock

I'm replacing the doorknob and bolt lock on my front door, and I've run into a problem. The existing bolt lock is fastened by two screws which cannot be removed. They appear to be flathead screws, but the edges are smoothed down on the sides of the screw. Basically, they can only be turned to the right with a screwdriver, not to the left, so I can't get them out with any tool I currently own.

What are these terrible screws called? Can I remove them? If so, what tool or technique do I need to do that?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Think what you have are security screws. See a lot of them in public places. They are tamper-proof. Only way I know to remove them would be to cut a slot in them with a Dremel or other small cutting disk.Then use a flat screwdriver. Good luck.
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Other methods .... IF you have a power drill ... is to 1) get to a hardware store and purchase a small "easy-out" and a matching drill bit. You drill into the center of the tamper-proof one-way security screw head and then insert the easy-out. It is turned counter-clockwise and it will engage and remove the screw, or 2) buy a drill the same size as the screw head and drill it away. Once the head is drilled away, you remove the device that the screws were holding, and then remove the remaining threaded stub with a vise-grip or pliers.
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Another poster was correct in calling these "tamper-proof" screws.The methods listed are possible.There actually is a tool made for removing these but they are difficult to find.Only very complete hardware stores would stock them and another possible source might be a locksmith.Easy-outs also know as screw extractors are not always easy to use and in a smaller diameter screw can be especially difficult as you must drill a hole into the center of a very small screw.The slot cutting idea is possible but make sure you use vise grip pliers or simular to remove the stub as regular pliers etc can slip and lose grip.

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