Hanging vertical fauxwood blind


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Hanging vertical fauxwood blind

I initially asked this question on the blinds forum. It looks like this should probably be the place to continue.

I have a patio door which I want to hang a vertical fauxwood blind. This is kind of heavy (I think it may be 50-60lb). The problem is the header is not immediately behind the drywall, but about 1-2" recessed. I can find studs at both end, but I am not sure whether I want a blind that wide and most likely I will be using 3-4 brackets. Is it possible to hang something that heavy using anchor/toggle etc.?

I figure the blind is 60lb, with the shape of the mounting bracket, there will be a 1:3 leverage (180lb), shared by two screws/bracket. Assuming 3 brackets and down force when pulling shut. Each bracket will need to handle approx. 120lb pull out force. I do not have any experience so the above is just a guesstimate. My question is what kind of anchor do I need? Does the possible lack of room behind the drywall present a problem.

Appreciate any help,

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That's pretty heavy
I think you want to mount those brackets into the wood, whether studs or header. I think if you mount something that heavy, that gets pulled on quite a bit, that it wouldn't last long at all just mounted to drywall

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