re-plating brass hardware


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re-plating brass hardware

I lived in an apartment once where the owner had re-plated the old brass chandelier, it looked brand new but have never seen or heard about it since. I suppose most electroplating companies could do this but has anyone actually re-brassed anything? Hinges, lights, doorknobs, etc?

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Most elecroplating is done by large companies due to the elecrical requirements and more recently the EPA regulations on chemicals used in the process. Many larger jewlers have small units to do rings and such. There are products that claim they "plate" items but are actually painting them with glossy substitutes. Good Luck.
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It seems that folks with brass that has naturally 'antiqued' want it to look new and those who have new, shiny brass want to know how to antique it. Old, lacquered brass can be restored by removing lacquer with lacquer remover, cleaning brass, & relacquering. Eventually, it will have to be redone again. There are also brass restoration kits available.
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Here in the North East we lost our last brass plater over 20 years ago
It was due to not enough demand and new EPA rules
Though what % of each I don't remember

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