Drilling a hole for a #8 wood screw


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Question Drilling a hole for a #8 wood screw

If i'm drilling a guide hole for a #8 wood screw should i use a drill bit that is the size of the screw shank (5/32") or the screw root (7/64")??? I'm obviously not an experienced carpenter, but i'm changing the legs on an existing coffee table to change it into a dining height table.
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Though I'm sure there is a formula for new wood, with old furniture I'd play it by ear
What I mean is, when repairing or modifying I try and use the smallest pilot hole I think I can get away with, and still have the screw hold

I would use the 7/64
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It is definately not 5/32.You'd get no grip.7/64 makes sense.Also there are a variety of countersink and screw starting bits on the market made for the purpose and most are just 2 or 3 dollars.

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