Lag Bolts in Metal Stud


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Lag Bolts in Metal Stud

I'm trying to fasten a counter top with sink onto a wall rather than building a cabinet. I purchased a heavy duty shelving bracket and some 2 1/2 inch long lag bolts thinking that would do the trick. When I found the studs to mount onto I also found out they were made of metal. I was under the greenhorn assumtion that studs were made of wood d'oh!
So can I continue to use my shelving bracket with lag bolts or should I just switch to a cabinet? If the lag bolts are OK how to I get them into the metal stud? Is there a better type of bolt to use?
Thanks, Rob
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In order to fasten anything with weight to a metal stud wall you need to span several studs with a backer board that has several screws per stud.
This is just a guess because you don't say how deep the counter is. You may be able to do it with a piece of 3/4" plywood that spans three studs from the floor to the height of the counter with at least five screws per stud.
I would say it would be simpler to use a cabinet.

Metal studs are a curse in commercial jobs when something heavy has to go on the wall.
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When I have to attach something to a metal stud I use a self-tapping screw
It looks more like a lag bolt as it has a hex head
I have attached shelving in commercial (heavy use) applications with no problems
I get them at the local hardware store

Never done a counter with a sink though...
That's gonna need to be pretty beefy
I like GregH's plan for that

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