building a shed [Which Type Of Nails To Use]


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building a shed [Which Type Of Nails To Use]

In constructing my shed should i use galvanized nails to secure the masonite siding to the studs. A better question would be ....Where should i use galvanized nails vs brite. Also are they as strong as regular nails? They seem to bend easier.


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Since you are attaching siding to studs you should use actual siding nails which would be galvanized.These are generally 8 penny nails with mid sized heads and sometimes have a spiral shank sometimes not.For the most part any project such as yours would be better served with galvanized nails for the simple reason that they do not rust.That said beware of cheaply made or imported nails as the zinc coating is often thin enough to allow rust to take place.If you can find them "hot dipped" galvanized nails have a thicker coating than "electro-galvanized".Galvanized nails are not more prone to bending as they are the same nail as brite just zinc coated.It is the quality of the nail that would be a factor in bending.I can't remember the specifics but some types of treated woods can be a problem for galvanized nails.I doubt this would be a factor for you.
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I use galvanised nails often, even indoors, if only because the rough coating grips better. That said, they DO bend more easily - by weight or thickness - than standard nails. The heads of 2" and smaller are also prone to snap off when pulled (because of the better grip), which can add work to eventual demolition.

I always use galvanised nails for sheathing, which includes Masonite.

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