Nails for Makita AN611?


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Angry Nails for Makita AN611?

I recently purchased a Makita AN611 siding coil nailer and am having difficulty finding a source of supply for coil NAILS. Are coil nails interchangeable among the major similar (15 degree) brands (e.g. esp the Hitachi NV65AH)? Interchangeability must be an industry trade secret as there is very little/no info out there about this!! I would really like to find an online source for ALL the nails that fit my gun. Thanks in advance for your help. Lou
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I have the NV65AH coil nailer. It sees most use for fence pickets, but can be used for siding as well. It uses the 15-degree 1-1/2"- to 2-1/2" by .090-.099, wire and plastic collated coil nails. I currently use the 1-3/4" length that come in a box of 9000 (30 coils of 300 nails each). The box that I have says is the supplier, though I get them from a retailer rather than ordering off the web. They are NOT cheap nails to begin with (ring-shank, electro-galvanized), so the shipping costs will increase the per-coil cost.
I have never seen these nails available at a home center, since the package holds so many nails. Even at 6 nails per fence picket, a box of nail coils will last quite some time if you are not in the siding or fencing business.
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The product specs for the AN611 nails are: 1-1/4" - 2-1/2" (.080 - .099 shank diameter) at 15-degree collation angle, wire or plastic. I have used only the wire-collated fasteners in my NV65AH. Occasionally, there would be a jam with two nails coming out (don't know why), so I keep a medium diameter screwdriver and a pair of pliers handy to untangle the jam. With fence pickets, I have ONLY used the nailer in bounce-fire mode, since precision nail placement is not required. I have probably put about 10,000 nails through this tool with very few malfunctions. I do keep a hammer available, since there are knots and operator error on my part to sink the nail completely. I run the nailer at medium pressure (80-90 psi) and have the depth control set to countersink slightly for fencing. Most nailing on fence is square to the picket face, with very few toenailing situations.

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