Sheet metal screws


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Sheet metal screws

I am in need of a couple different lengths of #7 sheet metal screws which are the only size I can use.Does anyone know of a good location to find #7 screws?
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Are you sure you need #7? You don't say what type of sheetmetal screw you need. Anyway here are a couple places but I do not know if they sell retail or if they have minimum quantities. I don't know if these place are particularly good for the screws you need. You might be better off looking in your local yellow pages
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In my area #7 screws are never used and must be special ordered if you want them.

What is it you are trying to do?
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I definitely need #7 screws.They hold a candy/bubblegum machine together.Some are3/4 long and the others are 1 1/2.
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Maybe you can use small bolts instead? While bolts come in countless forms, sheet metal screws only need to deform the metal they go into, so we aren't so exacting about their size.

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