Where can I get some (flexible) plastic cases?


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Where can I get some (flexible) plastic cases?

I have some of those tough plastic cases for my drill bits and bits for my router. These cases are not rigid or brittle plastic, but a kind of tough, somewhat flexible plastic (? maybe they're actually nylon or something like that?)

The hinges on these cases are ripping, and I'd like to replace them. But I can't seem to find anyone who sells them. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Sorry Shopguy, I haven't seen those
I'm not sure I know what you mean
I have or have seen the tough cloth and molded plastic cases
But not a "flexible plastic type"
I will keep my eyes peeled though
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plastic or nylon bit holder cases

These are a kind of tough nylon, i.e. not brittle. The 3 I have, came from Sears, as sets of bits for a drill or router. You can snap the bit into the case--there are holders molded into the case. I assume sears is still using this kind of material for the cases. You could rip or tear this material, but you could not shatter it.
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Check out the dollar stores. They usually stock (i.e. China persistently exports) tough translucent containers of various sizes. I've accumulated over 200, and use them for everything from ball bearings to drill bits.

For dremel and other small bits, I cut out sandwiches of foam and plexiglass, with grids of holes in them, these wedge into the bottoms of $1.00 sealable containers.

For longer bits, I use translucent, hinged-top containers that were probably intended to organize crayons, again $1.00 each.
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Tnx Kobuchi, will do....

...and what a wonderful day this must be in Vancouver, one of my favorite cities in North America. You are a lucky fellow to be living there.

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