Furring strips to old brick wall & pegboard question


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Furring strips to old brick wall & pegboard question

I want to install pegboard to an old brick wall (1937), but the masonry between the bricks doesn't seem to hold those tapcon screws very well or 2.5" masonry nails either, so the furring strips are rather weakly attached to the wall. What to do? Do I need to drill the brick with some fat and expensive drill bit and put in those lead anchors (at 50 cents each or something) just for pegboard? I've got ~90 sq. ft. of area to cover.

Also, I got the 1/4" pegboard from Home Depot (the only type they had). Silly question, but is this the thickness of the panel or the diameter of the holes? What I'm really getting is that I want to know if the hooks that fit both 1/8" and 1/4" are the kind to get or should I stick with dedicated 1/4" hardware? I don't want the hooks to fall out easily, but I haven't really seen some of the hook hardware (e.g. multi screwdriver holder) in 1/4" size only. I've got a lot of stuff to hang.
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drill a hole in the brick and used toggle bolt
bricks have a hole in them and it will slip in

good luck
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1937 - I assume you mean red brick & mortar.

This is *so* easy to drill with a normal corded drill and masonry bit. The lead anchors are cheaper if you can find them for sale by weight or box; by the each at HD is a joke. Or use the expansive plastic anchors normally meant for drywall, and just use more.

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