drywall anchor question....please help


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drywall anchor question....please help

OK...i need help w/dry anchors. i have a friend that has a 1/2 inch hole in her wall...she is trying to find an anchor that is big enough to screw into a 1/2 inch hole to fix a cantalever table to the wall. are there drywall anchor big enough for this type of an operation?
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Although there might be a drywall anchor that will fill in a 1/2" hole (that is pretty big), I would not suggest using one to secure a table
It really needs to attach to a stud
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I'd try a toggle bolt. A 1/2" hold is a good size for this fastener, since it needs to be big enough to get the toggle in. However, as posted, you really should get a stud if at all possible. Depending on the statics of the table and the load involved, a toggle can work, though. I've had good success with toggles. The large size of the hole they require is the biggest drawback, but the 1/2" hole you mention could work well. When you purchase the toggles, describe the cantilever table to the staff at your hardware store and they should be able to give you an opinion on whether it will work.
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Try a Toggler

I've come across these anchors recently, they're called togglers and claim to support weight of 500 lbs plus on a hollow wall. 1/2" hole sounds the right size for passing through the holding nut.

Best of luck.
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look a your local hd store for molly anchor

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