multi-use ladders


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multi-use ladders

Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this question, but I'm looking for a good multi-use ladder (like the "Little Giant" shown on tv, but not as expensive).

I've heard decent things about the Werner version as well as one made by Cosco (not Costco). Anyone have an opinion on which of these is better?
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Home Depot carries one made by Tricam Industries called the Gorilla, which is very similar to the one on TV, but only $99 for the 13 foot one. It will be my next purchase, as I have used one of another sub on a jobsite, and it is quite sturdy, and I love it!
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I'd try a comparison and see which feels steadier to you or which is easier to manipulate into the different configurations.
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One configuration I liked about the one I used, was it allowed me to put the ladder vertical against a wall, over shrubbery and have an angle to climb up on to attach shutters. A normal step ladder holds you back from the wall by virtue of angles on both sides.
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This ladder is fine for a basic homeowner yet for me, it's too cumbersome and not worth it. I, on the other hand, hate it. But I will recommend it to the average homeowner who doesn't want many different size ladders. HD has one thats a little cheaper, make sure your wearing your back support belt when you go lift weighs a ton.
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I have the 13 foot Little Giant.

It is no heavier than the 6' Type 1A fiberglass Louisville ladder that I also own, but it is much more useful.

Why send American money to China? Get the Little Giant.

The Little Giant is much better constructed than the imitators, and the locking mechanisims work better. The Werner version has crimped and riveted rungs while the Little Giant rungs are welded on the top and bottom.

You get what you pay for.
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I have a pair of Little Giants that I hardly ever use because in my opinion they are more cumbersome than a regular ladder and they weigh too much. (they most certainly weigh more than my 300lb rated fiberglass double-sided ladders) The only time I ever use them is if I meed to make a scaffold in a stairway (as when painting).

If you are just looking to set up a scaffold or want an adjustable work platform and don't really need the function of a ladder, check into the Tapco Bronco Job Horse. They are the best thing since sliced bread! They are like a short but wide 3 legged ladder. The legs are all adjustable so that you can level the ladder on any uneven surface- next to houses with uneven ground for example, or on a driveway or sidewalk that is on a steep slope.

I don't even hardly use step ladders anymore on the one story houses I work on. The Broncos are much lighter and far easier to set up- you can get a level scaffold that is the perfect height in just seconds. They also make longer legs for scaffolds up to 8' high- although I would have to admit they are more rigid with the standard short legs.

Unfortunately, Tapco makes you pay for this versatility through the NOSE.
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I am also considering the Tapco Bronco's. Best price I have found online is around $160.00.

I would have to agree- somewhat- on the Little Giant weight issue. That is the reason why I bought the 13' model. The extra height of the 17' and 22' models carry a significant weight penalty if you tote a ladder about all day.

However, the Little Giant shines when you consider how much extra space the individual dedicated and slightly lighter ladders take up when a single LG will do the job.

The cost of a single 17' LG is right in line with (if not cheaper than) the cost of good quality 5', 8' and 16' extension ladders, but the LG stores in a much smaller space.

If I needed ONLY a 6' stepladder on a job, that is what I would use. The 13' LG has really come in handy, and it doesn't take up much room on the truck. Much lighter than the 17' and 22' models, but you lose the working height.

I REALLY like the offset A feature that allows you to get right next to the wall. The angle is a bit unnerving, but I got used to it.

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