Anchoring in Cement Ceiling


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Anchoring in Cement Ceiling

I live in a fire proof apt building in NYC and need to mount a pot rack to the ceiling. The walls are very thin and contain no studs they are a thin cement type wall. The ceiling however is approx 8 - 10 inches of poured concrete. What type of fasters can i use to hang the pot rock. I plan on using the rack for many pots so it probably will weight at least 150 lbs. I was thinking of using lead shields?? and buttering them with hydralic cement,putting them in the predrilled hole, then screwing in an eye screw. Will this type of configuration hold over 150 lbs? I will have four eye screws supporting the rack.

Thanks for any help
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You can use the lag shields, but don't mess with the hydraulic cement. You only have a short while to handle the cement, and if you get any of it in the thread area of the shield, you negate any screw ability you have.
Another idea is to use a product by Tapcon or Rawl, called a mason bolt. They come in various lengths and you have to use their bit, so be sure to buy the proper size bit with the bolts. Drill into the ceiling, attach your chain to the bolt and rachet it in place. It is made for monolithic walls (and ceilings, I susppose), just don't buy a 10" one, as your upstairs neighbor may not like it.
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I wouldn't much trust the lead by itself, hanging, though they're great on walls. The hydrolic cement idea sounds good but... what chandler said. Use "anchoring cement" instead, which is (obviously) meant for your purpose. It has similar properties, and is available in containers sized for small jobs.
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Look for something called a "drop in" anchor. HILTI is one company that offers them. Threaded rod or bolts go into them. A special drive pin is used to set them- with or without epoxy.

Is your ceiling poured concrete or is it something called Span Crete (there are other names for this product)? Span Crete has voids and tensioning cables inside- the slab may be 10" thick, but it isn't solid.

If you have Span Crete, you must be careful not to set an anchor in the void areas, or hit the cable because it will be close to the surface- too close to set an anchor.

Large molly type fasteners will work in the void areas.

HILTI offers short drop-ins that will work in a hole as shallow as 1/2". They also have a shoulder that sets the correct depth even if the hole is a bit too deep. Big Boxes around here also have drop ins, but not short ones.

Another anchor that works well is a wedge anchor.

You could hold 150 pounds from just one drop in or wedge anchor.

I would not use Tapcons for overhead tension loads in your weight range.

I would never use any anchor with lead in an overhead application at all.

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