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Question Stripped Hole

I just fixed my hot water heater, and I turned one of the bolts too much, and now I've stripped it. The hole doesn't go into the tank, it's like a metal plate. But now water leaks and I can't tighten that bolt. Please help, how can I fix this?
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If the hole doesn't go into the tank then the stripped bolt should not cause a leak, no?

A metal plate? Like just an access cover? Is it really a bolt or is it a sheet metal screw?

Without knowing what its going into I'll assume its an access cover. In that case, if its a bolt (machine threads) you'll need to drill and tap the hole to larger size; if screw, just drill to next size up and insert slightly bigger screw.
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It was definately a bolt. And the pressure from the tank would cause the thing to leak from the hole. I have bought this stuff called JB Weld for $3 at Auto Zone. I sealed the entire plate, and got it really good around the stripped hole. I let it cure overnight, and connected everything in the morning, to find that it actually worked! Yay! Much cheaper than buying a new Water Heater! Just thought I'd share!
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is jb weld toxic? i would proceed carefully considering thats water you might drink.
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The JB Weld was applied in a location out of the actual tank.The plate he mentions is not inside the water tank itself.....and how many people drink HOT water?

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