split rivets


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split rivets

Hey, and thanks for taking the time to check out my question. Does anyone have any experience in replacing split rivets? If so, is there any special type of tool needed to install them? I could use a peen and a screwdriver I suppose, but I want the tightest connection that I can make. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks, Matt.
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Matt: I only have a question. After removing the split rivets, what would be the objection to using standard compresssion rivets? They pull up pretty tight and give a fiinished look. Just wondering.
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Split rivet pt #2

Hey Larry, Thanks for the response. Well, I guess two reasons. First, this is a repair/restoration on a classic Gerstner tool chest, and I wanted to maintain the original type of parts and construction. Secondly, I don't have a lot of experience in riveting, as I am primarily a woodworker. I don't know really how to use a compression rivet. Oh yeah, and finally, the head of the rivet needs to be solid, with the opposite side being flush to the material that I'm joining together. The only riveting that I've done is the ol' pop rivet once in a while. Thanks again. Matt

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