rust cleanup and removal

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rust cleanup and removal

I have an old baby crib that has some rust on the metal parts. I now have a grandchild and want to clean up the rust and restore the crib so I can use it. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can remove the rust and then possibly treat the metal to inhibit future rust?
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One product I have used in the past is called Naval Jelly. It's a paste-like compound that dissolves rust. Just follow the directions.

Should be available at a good hardware store.
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I think what you should do to remove the rust depends on a couple of things. What is the current finish - is it painted or chrome plated? How much rust is present? What if anything do you plan to refinish it with? My first thought is that Naval Jelly would not be practical because with a baby crib I imagine that there are many cracks and crevases and hollow areas into which the jelly would migrate. It is important that the Naval Jelly be thoroughly washed off of all surfaces prior to refinishing. If you have light corrosion, you might be able to remove it with triple ought or 0000 steel wool. If the rust is too heavy for steel wool removal, then I imagine you would have to repaint the crib anyway, so sandpaper would be in order.

When I wrote the above, I was visualizing an all metal crib such as is used in our church nursery. If this is a wood crib, then removal of the rusted hardware and cleaning with Naval Jelly is indeed a reasonable route, as the parts can then be thoroughly cleaned and recoated to avoid further rust.

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Do you intend to remove the hardware before refinishing or do this work with hardware in place? That would impact the best methods of removing the rust.If you can I'd remove the hardware,use the naval jelly and go from there (whether you plan to paint or not etc).Note that you'll definately want to prime the parts well with rust proof primer if painting is your plan.Obviously since it's a crib paint carries risks so make sure you address them properly.
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I have also used a rust inhibitor, I think the name is derusto. It is in a liquid form and you wipe it on the metal with rust. However, the rust turns black, almost like andonizing. Not pretty, but the rust is stopped.

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