Suggestion on buying an assorted fastener kit


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I'm tired of running to the hardware store for small paks of wood screws, nuts, and bolts. In addition my storage of screws, nuts, and bolts not very user friendly and is very incomplete due to purchasing small bags here and there. I'd like to but a fastener assortment kit with mostly woodworking fasteners but also a few common sizes of nuts & bolts. Can anyone suggest a fastener kit geared toward the weekend woodworker/handyman? It'd be nice if the kit came packaged as a drawer type unit to sit on a workbench or to be mounted. I've done some searching on the internet and most of the kits I found were sheet metal screws or just nuts and bolts. Thanks for your suggestions!

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Fastener Kits are available. If not available locally at home centers or hardware stores, you can find them online. They typically contain a variety of stainless steel wood screws, machine screws, nuts, and washers. They contain different screw sizes with different heads, washer and hex nut types and sizes. Nylon fastener kits are available too.

It may be less expensive to create your own assorted fasteners that you anticipate needing. Many people after a few years tend to have purchased enough of those little bags or boxes of screws, nails, and other needs, and realize one day they need sometime of kit to put them in and have created their own fastener kit.

Check the fishing aisle for those plastic boxes with dividers for tackle or craft stores with the boxes with dividers for beads and other small craft items.
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Try Harbor Freight or Northern Tool.
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It's just a fact of life, that you will never have the right number of the right fastener, regardless of how many pounds of iron you have collected over the years, especially when it comes to machine screws, nuts and bolts.
For wood screws you can buy a bunch of 1 lb boxes of sheetrock or decking screws, in various sizes, from 1" up to 3-1/2 or 4".
For the rest, it's just a good excuse to go to the hardware store, and get what you need, PLUS a few other things you just happened to notice.
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I have had some experience with these fastner"kits" most of them are garbage,poor quality metal. The other members rare right, get a fishing tackle box, or a sewing kit box with trays and build your own kit using good quality fastners.

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