Cleaning a powder-actuated nailer


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Cleaning a powder-actuated nailer

I borrowed a powder-actuated nailer for framing my basement. It's the first time I've used one, and it's going great, except sometimes the shells get stuck in the barrel (it's a manual, single-shot, hit-it-with-a-hammer model). The last time this happened there was nothing I could do to get it out. I pried it, tapped it, plier-ed it, etc., and nothing would get it out. I ended up digging it out piece by piece. There's enough room for new shells in there now, but there are still bits of that stuck shell in there. It still works to drive nails into concrete, but now every single charge gets stuck because of that extra metal in the barrel.

Is there some way to clean this thing out?

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Typically those tools are either .22 or .25 caliber. Go to a good gun store and buy a cleaning kit of the proper caliber. This would include a good solvent, oil, and a wire brush of the proper diameter.

Several soakings with the solvent should enable you to remove all the debris; a light oiling and good maintenance (regular cleaning) will keep the problem from recurring.
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I agree with George. I use a .22 brass brush on mine. You will have to hold it with a pair of needle nose pliers to clean the throat out, since there is no room for rod use. About the only way to get a stuck cartridge out is to use a thin blade under the lip of it. Sometimes it seems impossible. Then other times, you can close it and open it again, and the thing will pop out on its own. Finiky sometimes, impossible others, but indespensible when needed. Hey, that's what my wife says about me!!

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