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Wink plaster interior walls

We just moved into a "new" home built in 1952 that has lath and plaster interior walls. Are there tricks in hanging pictures, mirrors, wall hangings, etc and doing it all correctly?
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I'm more familiar in dealing with the older plaster, but I suspect the advice might be the same
The 3M company's "Command" line of adhesive hooks and hangers is your best bet

The older stuff (at least here on the shore) is often crumbly, and any work like picture hangers can leave a hole bigger than you want

I was able to find a few studs for larger shelving projects and such, but it was difficult with all the lath back there, and the older studs not being 16" on center
Gave my stud finders a workout, and even then I went into lath sometimes

If you can find a Command hook to suit your needs, I'd try those
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For lighter pictures etc there is one type of hanger that can work well.As stated some plaster can be crumbly so it would be best to test these hangers in case your plaster is too weak for any hangers.There are several versions of these hangers made by at least two companies.One brand is "OOK" and the other is made by Anchor and I believe is called Elite.

These hangers have a very thin extra hard nail with a very sharp point.the idea is that it will penetrate the plaster without causing too much trouble because it is so thin and sharp.It is hardened to prevent bending.

Again this is not a 100% foolproof hanger but it has worked in plaster for many people.A trick also is to make an X with tape such as masking tape and nail through the middle of the X to prevent cracking.Tap the nails in gradually and easily to lessen the impact.
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carbide bits

What about a pilot hole followed by a wall anchor?
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Lead Wool

If you can find Lead Wool (like steel wool, but made of lead) at an older hardware store (you'll never find it at Home Depot), I've got the perfect solution. This was shown to me by an older gentleman at Tennyson Hardware in Denver.

Drill a small hole with a drill. Then stuff it full of lead wool. Then use a screw to screw into the lead wool. It is the best technique I found for hanging pictures on plaster walls.

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