Mounting my 50" Plasma to metal studs?


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Mounting my 50" Plasma to metal studs?

Hey guys, I currently have a 50" Philips Plasma TV. Just purchased my wall bracket, places the TV only 15/16" away from wall. Just learned that my new condo has metal studs. My bracket came with large wood screws.

What do I need to do and need to purchase? Do i just install my 125lb TV like normal but just with screws for metal studs?
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Welcome to the forums! I hate to see a post go unanswered for so long, but the silence tells me no one wants to give advice on such a delicate matter, just to see your TV on the floor next week. I concur.
Depending on how many fasteners you can hit the metal studs with, you could install it on the metal. IMO it is not the ideal medium for mounting things, though. I would drill 5/8" holes at the mounting points, and install 1/2" toggle bolts in the holes. This will spread the weight across the back of the stud surface. Luckily most of your pressure is vertical, but it is that ever so slight angular pressure that will test the water.
Good luck with the install, and let us know how you fared with it.
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You may need some metal fasteners now
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I recently installed my closet shelf and rail onto steel studs and had the same dilemma. I ended up just using the hardware it came with and screwed into the steel. Holds tight without any issue and I have alot of clothes on the rail. Probably weights adleast 100lbs with all the clothes and junk on top of the shelf. Been holding fine for a month.

If you do a search here, you'll find a thread about installing TV's into steel and which recommended screws to use. I think it was here anyway.
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More than likely those are 25ga studs, not what I would gamble on holding that baby. Like posted above I would just use toggles, get the biggest you can find which should at least be 3/16" ones. The plus side to the metal studs is that 90% of the time will be hung with 5/8 drywall, which is plenty strong.
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I agree with the poster who mentioned that the real concern is sheer strength. While metal studs do not have the bulk of a wood 2X4, it probably has more than adequate sheer strength.. also, while those metal studs seem pretty flimsy when you pick them up, their real strength increases exponentially when they become part of the entire framework i.e. tied into other metal studs and supported by the sheet rock.
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Using sheet metal screws in metal wall studs

I was at a electronic convention in a seminar with 100 installers. There were a handfull that said they would mount into metal studs but only if using a flat or tilt wall mount. Not the 1st one said they would install a artciualting wall mount in metal studs using screws or toggles due to the moemnt force applied while extended. Peerless does make some toggl bolts for metal studs but even Peerless which by the way was putting on the seminar was also hesitant to say any metal wall stud due to there varying thicknesses. Peerless did say that they have know some installers that would cut out into the wall and add some 2x4 into the inside of the metal studs to mount to.
Case in point: be very careful when mounting in metal studs. If you have a expensive TV and it falls off the wall where you had mounted into metal studs don't look for the mount manufacturer to warranty it. They recommend and test using wood studs. If looking for a low profile flat wall mount we got our Solidmount UF-600 at *****but we did mount in wood studs.

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