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Suggestions wanted for hanging pictures on sheetrock walls; all sizes & weights

Suggestions wanted for hanging pictures on sheetrock walls; all sizes & weights


Old 04-11-07, 08:32 AM
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Suggestions wanted for hanging pictures on sheetrock walls; all sizes & weights

We're moving into a new house next week. It's new construction so the walls (all sheetrock) have never been penetrated with nails or screws for hanging pictures. We have several pictures of all shapes, sizes and weights to be hung throughout the house but I don't want to go about this without some guidance.

In our present house, the living room has paneling, most of the pictures were hung with brass nails and hooks; the rest of the house is sheetrock and they were hung with a variety of fasteners. Some were screws and anchors, some were common picture hooks and some just on a nail. We want the new place to look better and to do the least amount of damage to the walls as possible. I'm looking for suggestions, should I stay with screws and anchors or is there a newer, better hanging system out there now?
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Old 04-11-07, 09:03 AM
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these work real well and only put a small hole in drywall
at amazon

links to amazon for info , Ive bought them at home depot and lowes for about half that price.
Old 04-12-07, 02:28 AM
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Old 04-12-07, 07:03 PM
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I suggest you consider buying a roll of Scotch Reclosable Fasteners. It's like velcro. I recently bought a 15 ft. roll online (RF7260X) for about $25. This should last me a lifetime. To hang a picture you cut off a couple of pieces from each of the two rolls, pull off the backing from two and stick them on the frame, push the other pieces from the other roll onto these two pieces, remove the other backing, and press the picture against the wall. This week I rehung 15 pictures we have on a hall wall because they were always getting misaligned. They haven't moved since I put the Scotch stuff on there.
Old 04-14-07, 09:59 AM
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Sorry I haven't responded sooner, still packing and lining up the movers. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check into both.
Old 05-18-07, 07:45 AM
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Lightbulb 3M has a product...

Can't remember name but it is currently holding some of the pictures in our sheet rocked house. It probably tells on the package the max. weight it will hold. Caution... many people don't read all the directions. You put these things on the wall and then wait for a time which is given in the instructions.
Don't immediately put your pictures up. The sticky thing needs to set for a time. If you put pictures up too early they may fall off the wall.
Old 05-19-07, 05:24 AM
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Mango Man, I just used my first monkey hooks. Whoever invented these things needs to be working at the Pentagon! These things are great!!! No need to adjust your hole for hanger take up, just poke it in the wall and snap it in. I think I will retire the EZ Hangers unless a 90 lb vertical hold is necessary.

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