Preventing smooth rod from turning


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Preventing smooth rod from turning

I have an assembly which includes a chrome rod (~1" diameter) clamped between two steel plates. I do not want this rod to be able to turn. However, no matter how tightly I clamped the plates, the rod can be turned with fairly small force. I tried wrapping a thin rubber sheet around the rod and this tightened it somewhat, but it still moves. I plan to next try the following: I will glue two sheets of sandpaper back-to-back and wrap that around the rod. Before I do this, does anyone have a suggestion for a better way to prevent the rod from turning ?
regards, Joe
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Take a dremel tool with a cutting wheel and score several longitudinal lines around the perimeter of the area where it will be held in place, then clamp down on it.
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Can you grind/file two flat spots on the chromed rod? Put the flats exactly opposite each other so your flat plates can clamp on the flats in the rod.
Clamping a round rod is very difficult. All of my machine tools have a round chuck to clamp fully around the round shank, and even a 3 jaw drill chuck only holds so well. Some larger drill bits have 3 flats cut on the shank to allow the chuck to get a good grip. That's also why scewdriver bits are hex shaped and never round.
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Thanks everybody for the suggestions. I think I would try Larry's idea first as it seems to be a little easier to do. Also, I didn't mention this in my original post, but I have to be able to loosen the clamp and rotate the rod to a new position which precludes grinding flats.
Thanks again,

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