Folding, latching wheel assembly


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I have a miter saw semi-permanently mounted to a stand. In the summertime, I often use it and my table saw outside. I would like to be able to mount a drop-down, latching wheel assembly with 6" wheels so that it is easier to move it outside. The traditional power tool mobile bases don't work well on uneven ground, plus I have a 4" rise from my garage floor to the driveway, thus the 6" wheels.

Has anyone seen a wheel assembly that would fold up out of the way when the saw is being used and would then fold down and latch when I want to move the unit? Or perhaps someone will have an idea of how to make such a device.

Any help would certainly be appreciated. I have a very bad back and carrying the saw outside is painful!


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I've never solved the problem of having to lift (table saw, band saw, welder, drill press...) off the ground to be able to fold down a set a wheels. Some things I mounted an axel and wheels just off the ground on one end so when you tip the tool the wheels touch the ground and you can roll it around like a handtruck. Some tools just spend their life on wheels. Hard rubber/plastic or solid urethane foam tires provide a relativley stable foundation.

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