loose rope knots


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loose rope knots

Nylon or polyester rope that traditionally is very smooth, was is the trick(s) to keeping the knot tight so it does not work itself lose? I do know that you are to heat the end so the fiber melts to keep it from unraveling but there must be a trick to keep the knots tight.
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The kind of knot must fit the use. How are you using the rope?
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If you're trying to get a knot on the free end to hold, you might try a figure eight knot vice a plain overhand knot.
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Knot issue

The rope is being used on canvas awnings. Some of the awnings I got were strung with nylon which does not take the sun well and the manufacturer began using polyester and now apparantly is using a polyester/nylon combination. The knots they used to tie the rope to the round cross piping where strange but whatever they are they remain compact since they need to stay under the canvas. Not being a knot genius, I got some feed back and they all said the same, "heat the knot very carefully so not to melt it". Everyone says it works just fine, only downside is that if you have to remove the rope, the knots are almost impossible to open and you have to cut it off.
I gave it it try last night and it works just fine! Thanks to all who made suggestions.

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