Best way to attach a bulky UPS to a ceiling


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Best way to attach a bulky UPS to a ceiling


I'd like to attach a fairly bulky UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to our garage ceiling near the garage door opener to provide a few openings and closings in the event of a power outage.

It's roughly 7 inches by 9 inches and 4 inches thick. It weighs roughly 14 pounds.

The ceiling is drywall over 2x10 rafters spaces about 18 inches apart, so I have plenty of strong material into which to secure it. What I'm debating is what would be the best and most attractive way to do so. The simplest would be to use metal tape and just drill it into the rafters, but I'd prefer something that I could later remove if I need to service the UPS.

Then I started thinking of having 4 threaded rod / wood studs hanging down, say 2 on each of the long sides of the unit, and then flat metal strips spanning them so I could just hold it up with a few wing nuts.

Anyone have any other ideas that would look clean, hold very securely and allow for relatively simple removal/replacement when needed?

Thanks in advance!

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Smile Easy solution

Here's another example of where the Internet beats the old way. Most home centers and hardware stores carry about 10,000 different hardware related items. Here there are over 100,000.

A search of for "Overhead Storage Hooks" yielded and following the link and navigating there I found quite a few more on site. Small shelves connecting 2 will set up fine.
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take the screw hangers you have pictured, screw them into the joists. add a rod coupling

then use threaded rod to hang down the length you need. It takes a 1 1/4 fender washer to fit inside the strut or you can use square washers that fit across the strut.

make a frame large enough to handle the unit with cross pieces to make it solid.

for the life of me I cannot find a pic of what I am describing. Go into the big box stores or wally world and look up for a transformer hanging from the ceiling. That is what is used.

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