Help needed with releasing screen door closer


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Help needed with releasing screen door closer


We just moved into a 4 year old house. The screen closer works fine, except while it was open, I pressed a rocker on the tail end of the air chamber and it locked in place.

Now I cannot figure out how to unlock it. If I open the door a smidge more, I can press the rocker and hold it in, but closing the door just locks it back in place.

The only thing on this closer is the air chamber, this rocker switch on the bottom of the tail end of the chamber, and the two end connection points.

Any clues?

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Here is a photo of the thing

Photo of door closer
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by looking at the photo you have provided it appears that what you have there is the touch n'hold screen door closer, have your tried moving door closed without touching the button on tail end of it?? some are friction some aren't

it soudns to me that if the door will not move when lightly forced closed that the hold open washer (concealed in end under button on end of cylinder) has got caught up or bound, tried oiling that area under button and on rod were it goes into closer with a spray lube like wd-40 or liquid wrench? (to attempt to free it up so it can close again)

as i read from the website that sells the closer it says just pull door towards closed alittle and it should release

if all else fails and still getting stuck when you try to release it (these closers arent rebuildable) may be time to replace it.

good luck and please pm me or reply back with how you made out with fixing the touch n' hold's problem
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What DD said and also, you might try this.....
Used to get this all the time when these first came out as std on the storm doors we sold. When you wanted to unlock it from the locked open position, you just open the door a bit more, and let it close on its own. At least it should work that way, if its the brand I think. Do you see a sticker or label on the door or frame anywhere?

Not blaming you, I'm sure the original owner didn't leave you the instructions taped to the
When people came back with a brand new one, I'd point out the area of the instructions, then demonstrate it, and they felt pretty silly.

Guess we all get trained by ballpoint pins and buttons on our cars and stereos. Push on, push again off.
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Thanks for the information. I used wd-40 on my door closer and it fixed the problem. I appreciate your willingness to share your expertise.

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