Bolting Lamp to Concrete


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Bolting Lamp to Concrete

I am wondering what the most effective way of bolting down an outdoor lamp (5-6' high; not too heavy) to a flat slab of concrete in the ground. The lamp comes with little bolts but I'm thinking I need something to maybe go completely through the concrete.

And, I'm stupid enough to need details on drilling a hole in concrete, type of bolt I should get, etc.

Thanks to all.
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Many hardware stores sell a screw made for fastening material on concrete - Tapcon is one brand name.

They are available in various sizes. Each size requires a specific masonry bit. The bit is slightly smaller than the screw itself, allowing the screw to actually thread into the concrete.

Depending on the size you choose, expect to pay thirty to fifty cents each, and three to five dollars for the bit.

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And in addition to what George said....

If its in a place where someone may lean against it or be subjected to winds, you might consider Redheads, or something similar. You drill a hole (size marked on the package) with a masonry bit, tap them into the hole, then thread on nuts to hold the lamp in place.

The hole can be drilled with a regular drill and some water to keep the bit cool (garden sprayer or hose on a trickle). A hammer drill makes it easier, but don't use it close to the edge. Don't drill too close to any edges, you risk splitting the slab. If it has to be close to an edge, then the Tapcons might be a better option.
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Gunguy45 makes a good point. The 'red heads' (sometimes called wedge anchors) will offer a great deal more lateral support in the situations he mentioned. They are a little more expensive, but worth it in those situations.
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