Rockler's t-track kits


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Rockler's t-track kits

Just curious if anyone likes these things as much as I do... I think it's great... only wish there was a source where you could buy it cheaper!!!

The t-track alone is about $5/ft which seems pretty outrageous.

But it's nice for making jigs and stuff. The fence on my home made router table slides on t-track on each end... and the fence itself has t-track that holds an adjustable shield over the router bit... and then I have 2 adjustable stop blocks and 2 adjustable feather boards to hold stock down tight against the table. I also have Rockler's aluminum miter slot track that holds more feather boards.

My project right now is to make a table that I will use to cut siding and soffit, using some t-track as the basis for the rotation of the sled that the saw rides on. I cut the t-track into little wedges, 5 degree miters on each side, and positioned them in a semi-circle that has a 16" radius. Its not done yet but I think it's going to work pretty good.

I could put a piece of t-track in the fence so that I can have stop blocks... but dang! it's too expensive! Maybe once I get it finished that can be an upgrade.

Anyone else have anything they've made with the stuff that they're proud of?
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I have not used it yet but have every intention of using it for several shop jigs/fixtures, if I ever get the time and $$$.


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