Does stainless steel used with carbon steel seize?


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Does stainless steel used with carbon steel seize?

I wanted to use a stainless screw threaded into a carbon steel gate post and someone told me that using those two different types would cause the hardware to seize.

I do know that two dissimilar metals are prone to seizing, but what about stainless steel to carbon steel?
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Well the dissmilar metal rule is based on chemical reactivity, but stainless is made to be chemically inert so... good question. I have no idea. But do you really care if they do sieze?

Avoiding corrosion is usually something to be given special consideration in plumbing and other applications where it is more detrimental.

Next response please.
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This information should help. SSINA: Stainless Steel: Corrosion It suggests that stainless steel and iron are used together all the time, and that you could use a neoprene washer to separate dissimilar parts. My thought was you could probably also use a nylon washer. It also suggests paint as a way to keep parts from becoming wet, which is when the most corrosion would occur. Stainless steel is on the cathode end of the scale, with gold and silver, whereas carbon steel is on the anode end, along with zinc and aluminum.
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Simple solution....put some anti-seize on the threads....sure can't hurt.
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Keep in mind that ss fasteners are generally softer than steel and you need to upsize the screw or bolt to get the same strength.

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