Where can I get these tool hooks ?


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Where can I get these tool hooks ?

Hi All, I'm new here, so sorry if this is not the right place to ask this ?? I'm making my own guitar wall hanger and I'm after some hooks that are normally supposed to be used to hang shovels, rakes, etc.
They seem to be available anywhere in the world except in Melbourne, Australia !!!
Does anyone know where I can get these locally in Melbourne. I don't want to spend a heap of $$$ getting them sent from overseas, after looking at that option, I found it would be cheaper to buy 10 professional guitar wall hangers than 'import' these hooks!
Anyway, I'm after 10 of them in black vinyl and the gap between the prongs is about 5cm (2 inches).
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Sadly Mick this is a mainly US site so the suggestions we give you will likely involve importing them.
Have yo tried any of the local hardware stores or home centers? Seems like I have seen them in our stores in the storage sections.
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I bought a bunch of them at a big box store - maybe one of them has them online so you could order them? (yes, I'm making the assumption this is different than the 'importing them' process you mentioned)
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Have you tried a search adding the word australia? I did a Google search for "storage hooks australia" and came up with some possibilities. How's this one?
Cheap Tool Storage Hooks PVC Coated Pk2 | Super Cheap Hardware - Compare Prices & Save shopping in Australia

I hate to say it but every time I travel out of the country I always have a suitcase full of odd items like that that cannot be found locally for some reason. My last trip to Europe I had chrome truck parts for a truck driver friend in the Netherlands. My next trip to Costa Rica I'll be carrying hand truck wheels for one friend a drive belt for a belt sander for someone else and samples of several American Pale Ale's for a brewery to try.
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DIY Mick:

If the commercially available stuff doesn't fit your guitars, you can always use square bottom U bolts:

which come in a wide variety of different sizes (and shapes) and have lag screws

spot welded onto them at your local trade school welding class.

Just apply some glycerine (which you can get at any pharmacy) to the threads and the inside of some short pieces of rubber tubing with a cotton swab...

...and slide those over the threads of the U bolts.

I'd recommend you use glycerine instead of an oil or detergent to slide the rubber over the threads because glycerine is an alcohol and will evaporate completely over the course of a few days to a few weeks, thereby ensuring that the rubber grabs the threads (just like it was put on without a lubricant) and doesn't come off, and there's no oil or detergent residue to get on your guitars.

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