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I just purchased a home and have been utilizing the back door with no problem. A guest slammed the door shut and it is stuck. I cannot open the door - the doorknob lock will not open. I am able to unlock the door, however, I still cannot open the door. I have even tried removing the door knob. The lock is stuck in the jam. How do I open my door???
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Have you tried pushing the door really hard shut and turning the door knob? Next you might try removing knob and operating mechanism and see if you can pry the latch open. Many typical entry locks mechanisms can be taken out by removing the interior knob then the cover behind that, then a couple of screws and the two halves can be pulled out leaving only the latch or bolt. Different brands come apart differently. I am not a locksmith but I've taken a number of locks apart.

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Phil's recommendations should work. But, you can always drive the hinge pins out and take the door off the hinges.
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The one other thing you might try in addition to pushing in on the door is lift up or push down on the knob. In all of these cases you are trying to take a bind off the door, at the latch, bottom or top.

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