What kind of nuts/inserts are these?


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What kind of nuts/inserts are these?

I'm trying to fix my busted laptop -- the hinge has separated from the back cover. Only one (out of three) of the nuts that is used to attach the hinge to the cover remains, it's pictured here: http://i.imgur.com/p7bUVgA.jpg

Any insight about what kind of nut/insert this is and where I could find a replacement? The half-threading seems kind of peculiar so it must be very particular, but I would guess it isn't custom made.

Tips about how to attach it to the plastic housing (shown here http://i.imgur.com/4sNabed.jpg) once I find it would be welcome too. Responses on another forum suggested it was probably molded in initially. I was thinking of using JB Weld to attach it back. Thoughts?

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Welcome to the forums.

I would agree on that serrated nut as either being machine inserted or molded in.
That's a high stress point. JB weld may hold.

Be very careful in how much you use or it'll get into the threads.

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