How to hang a flag while camping?


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How to hang a flag while camping?

My girlfriend and I are traveling around the country camping in various states. She wanted to hang our state flag on the side of the tent at each stop, so I'm looking for ideas on how to do that.

I stopped at a custom flag company and bought a 2' x 3' state flag and had them put metal rings/grommets in all four corners. The idea is to attach something to each corner grommet and then attach those to the tent. I'd like it to be snug but not too stressful on the flag or tent. I thought about using 4 bungees but I don't want four bungees tugging on the tent and I'm not sure how long the rings/grommets would last in using that method either. I thought about rope but who wants to keep tying that on? Maybe several carabiners used properly? Just looking for ideas.... Thanks.
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I'd run rope or bugees from the corners of the tent to the top grommets, then run rope or bungees from the bottom grommets to some small weights.
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How about Velcro? It's available in industrial strength with adhesive backing so you don't have to poke holes in your tent sewing it on.
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Driving place-to-place? How about the telescopic aluminum flag poles that tailgaters & motorhomers often use? There's a handy base available that goes under your vehicle tire. No wires, no bungees

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