Hanging blinds


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Hanging blinds

We've just moved into a new place and my wife wants to remove the existing horizontal blinds on the windows and install vertically hanging ones.

All of the windows are recessed into the drywall a couple of inches, and the existing horizontal blinds are hung from brackets that are screwed into that recess - so that the screws are going vertically into the drywall.

My question is about the window frame - I imagine that's what the screws are going into, because they are just normal screws straight into the drywall (no raw plugs, no nothing). So are the screws going into the window frame? And how far around the window does it extend? I want to screw the new blind to the wall outside the recess - how far out from that recess can I screw, confident that I'm hitting the frame, rather than just drywall?

Thanks for any help.
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Assuming you live in a standard wood framed house (as opposed to a masonry home) the blinds are more than likely screwing into the framing of the rough opening, not anything to do with the window. Usually the window ends where the drywall begins. The outer 1/2 to 5/8" closest to the corner will be purely drywall. You also wouldn't want to screw very close to the edge of the framing, because the screw could split the wood or pull out, being so near to the edge of the stud. So if you are at least 1" or more back from the corner bead, you should hit solid wood all the way across the window opening.

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