trying to find a tool that will punch many holes at once


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trying to find a tool that will punch many holes at once

This is a long shot, I know. I am doing some leather work where I have to punch many holes for lacing. To punch each hole individually would be a half a days job. I wonder if someone knows of a tool that might punch a lot of holes at once. I will probably have to contrive something myself. I did put nails through a small board with a metal backing and then hit it with a hammer but the leather is too thick for that to work. With luck there is some tool out there that can do it.
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For that you need a machine. You might be able to build something but nothing simple comes to mind unless you own a small punch press.
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Can't think of a thing. Leather workers just get in a rhythm and knock it out.
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You might be able to talk a shop in your area into doing this for you.

Other than that, I'm not coming up with anything, either.
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I have made some Rube Goldberg contraptions and I made one for punching a series of holes in sheet plastic. I powered mine with a manual, hydraulic arbor press. I doubt nails would work as they pierce the material but don't actually cut a hole. You'd probably have to use a cutter. Either make them or see if there are some leather punches already existing that you can somehow mount.

In your case you might be able to make a wood frame to hold your punches and use door hinges for a hinge point. I made the punches out of steel tubing that I ground to give a sharp cutting edge. On the bottom I used hard rubber to provide support to the material but resisted being cut by the punches but for light use you might get away with a piece of wood for backing. If you want to get more efficient a punch and die setup would work best and provide the cleanest holes with long term use.
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Here is a possibility;

Tandy Leather Factory - Diamond Hole Chisel Set

Check it out.


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