Need Help Finding Type of Bolt/Screw


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Need Help Finding Type of Bolt/Screw

Hi all,

I'm going to be putting a new door-handle on my backyard storage shed, and I wondered if anyone could help me with my problem.

I'm trying to find out if there exists a threaded bolt or screw with a head that is neither hexed/square that a wrench could grip, nor has a socket for a screwdriver.

In other words, I want the only way to detach the handles to be by unscrewing the nut on the inside.

I've tried googling this and apparently I'm not asking the right question. I'm a DIY novice, so I may just not know the correct terminology. I haven't been able to find out if these exist, what they're called, or if they are available at anyplace like major hardware chains or big-box stores.

Any help would be appreciated.
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They are called security screws.

Pick and choose here;

SECURITY SCREW Fasteners - Grainger Industrial Supply

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What kind of handle? Just a regular pull handle of some sort, not a door knob? I'd say a carriage bolt, but that would probably be too big.

They make one way security hardware, which CAN be removed, but would be much harder w/o special tools. You could probably just use a regular screw and put 2 nuts on the inside. Tightened down good, they would probably just spin if someone only had access to the outside.

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Use any kind of bolt. Use a washer under the nut on the inside and disfigure the threads with a hammer and screw driver so that the nut will spin when the bolt is turned from the outside.
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Or use some type of sex bolt.
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Why not just use a carriage bolt? They have a rounded smooth head. Install the rounded bolt on from the outside, and the nut on the inside. They are also widely available at the big box and hardware stores.
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Carriage Bolt is an excellent choice as Tolyn said.
In fact, a lot of shed/gate hardware has square holes which are specifically designed to accept the carriage bolt.

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