Drilling out a tiny screw


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Drilling out a tiny screw

So, I had a rounded off screw in my phone and after all else has failed I need to drill it out. How big a drill bit should I be using? I believe the screw is 1.4mm wide.
Any other advice/tips on the actual drilling it out process are appreciated!
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You want the drill to be about the size of the screw's shank. You don't drill the entire length of the screw. You drill in the center of the head until you get to the bottom of the head. If done properly the head will come off like a ring around the drill bit. If you are off center a bit or the drill is undersized you can wollow it around to make the hole wider.
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Dealing with electronics you will want to mask off the area to ensure no metal fragments find their way inside.

If there is anything left of the old head you can sometimes cut a slot in it and use a flat blade screwdriver. I use a Dremel with a diamond or other cutting disk.


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