Installing a heavy shelf for my first time.


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Installing a heavy shelf for my first time.

As the title reads, I'm basically trying to figure out how to hang a shelf I recently purchased at Ikea. Putting the shelf together was a cinch, but I may have panicked a bit after realizing that I was own my own for figuring out how to get it up and on the wall.

The shelf weighs approximately 23 lbs. and after some extensive research, I decided that using a toggler would be the best way to go in my situation.

My problem now lies in "exactly what size togglers am I supposed to get??"

The shelf unit has four pre-made holes in it through which to hang it. Each hole is 1/2 cm in diameter.

I know the drill bit used to make the hole in the wall is just a bit bigger than the toggler itself, but how do I know which size toggler to buy? It needs to go through the 1/2 cm hole in the shelf first, and I honestly don't know the first thing about figuring that out.

If anyone knows anything about what size screw or toggler I need to fit through this 1/2 cm hole, I'd be extremely grateful for any advice I can get. Thanks!
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Welcome to the forums! Ideally you want to mount this to the studs in the building. If that is not possible, second best would be a toggle system. I recommend the use of EZ Toggle as it doesn't require a large hole in the wall and it holds 90 lbs of vertical weight. They are available at box and hardware stores.
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I have used Toggler "Snaptoggle" before and like them very much. Best answer is go to the store and measure one to find the size you need. You may also need some washers if the hole is too big for the screw head.
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@chandler Unfortunately I'm unable to mount it to the studs. I checked the studs in my wall and they seem to be about 16" apart. Because the shelf I bought was manufactured with European building codes in mind, the brackets of my shelf are roughly 27" apart. Lining them up was impossible, and I'm not skilled enough to rip the wall open either.

Do the EZ Toggles come in variable sizes?
Thank you - I'll keep these in mind when I do head out to the store. : )
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@Tolyn Going to the store, how exactly should I go about measuring it? That's what I was a bit confused about.

Thank you for the washers tip. That sounds like a good idea to have either way - definitely couldn't hurt.

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