What glue to Temporarily prevent screws undoing fom vibrations?


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What glue to Temporarily prevent screws undoing fom vibrations?

The small screws I'm looking at have a small globe of clear glue holding them in place so they wont undo, The glue has small air bubbles in it.

You can easily chip away at it with a screw driver & it all comes off, while not letting the screws undo at all. Which is needed to open & maintain the device.

Just wondering what types of glue would I use? Can't be something like epoxy as that requires hard sanding & chiselling to get off.

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Nail polish works pretty well, esp for small screws.
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You've already considered the different variations of Loctite ?
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The nail polish trick Vic speaks of is very god. I use this on my glasses. Never fails.
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As far as I can tell, Locktite 435 sounds like what I should use.

Does any know if it can be chipped away & easy to remove?

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Locktite goes on the threads.
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I did a quick search and couldn't find any information on releasing Locktite 435. It's a cyanoacrylate adhesive ("superglue") and appears to be intended to be permanent.

Loctite 242 (blue) has always been my go-to threadlocker where being able to later remove the screws is needed. 262 (red) is stronger but needs heat to release.

Nail polish on the screw head (or Glyptal for you old-timers) doesn't have much hold but is fine for where minimal resistance to loosening is acceptable.
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What are these screws on?
Just can not imagine why if they where intended to be removed by some DIY to just maintain the "device" they would have glued them in place.
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I've seen this dozens of times on electronic equipment. The older it is, or if military, the more common. EVERY TV tuner back in the rotary-dial days had Glyptol on the adjustments--even though TVs were never intended to experience mechanical vibrations.

Even today I occasionally see a dab of clear acrylic glue on screw heads but thread locker is far more common now.
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I likewise use Locktite 242 on the threads. It holds up keeping scopes on high powered rifles from shaking loose, and that's quite a whollop. In the event of needing removal, it can be done.

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