Screw jamming in wall plug - please help!


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Screw jamming in wall plug - please help!


I'm trying to fit a picture ledge to a masonry wall. I've drilled a 7mm hole (slightly deeper than it needs to be), vacuumed out the dust and inserted a brown plastic plug (which say they are for screw sizes 8, 10, 12 and 14) but when I try to screw a screw in (with an electric screwdriver) it will only go halfway in. I'm using size 8 screws.

Can someone please help point me in the right direction of where I'm going wrong? I've tried this with 3 different holes and am having the same problem in each - it's driving me nuts!


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is the hole deep enough to accommodate the length of the screw, or just the anchor? Most times the screw is longer depending on the type of anchor it is. There is no harm in drilling it too deep, just dont push the anchor in too far.

I am suspect of an anchor that says it is for #8-12 screws though. That is quite a difference in size. I cant see one anchor being able to accomidate all those sizes.
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Thanks Keith, however the hole is definitely long enough to accommodate the length of the screw. The screw is indeed a bit longer than the anchor but the screw isn't even getting close to the end of the anchor before it gets stuck.

It's interesting what you say about the size range of the anchor. I'm going by what it says on the box and have checked in the hardware shop who are adamant that it is the right size.
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Using a #8 screw in an anchor that big almost sounds like the anchor is spinning when the screw only goes in halfway.
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I think I see how a conical anchor could be designed for an extended range of screw sizes; extend the length of the anchor and make the maximum screw length vary inversely with the screw size.

For example:
#12 "
#10 "
# 8 1"
# 6 1"
But that anchor would be analogous to "One-size-fits-all" pants; They may fit everybody, but they fit nobody very well. Limited grip length for all size screws and limited support for smaller size screws at the open end.
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Are you using tapered screws?
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drive the same screw into another anchor (same type). Hold the anchor with pliars or vise grips and start from the end normally inside the wall. If the screw won't start, the anchor is made for a smaller diameter screw or the anchor does not have a thru hole and a shorter # 8 screw should be used.

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